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DIGITAL ART – $225pp – Our newest class offering is making some changes for 2nd quarter. Digital Art will have a Beginner Class for kids who want to learn everything from using brushes, how to layer and painting techniques. Our Intermediate Class is perfect for artists who already know how to navigate the procreate app and want to take their digital art skills to the next level. Whether it’s developing an original character, or learning shading and color techniques, this class will give artists the tools to make amazing works of digital art!!  For this class each student will need an iPad with the Procreate app, and an iPad pencil or similar!  Monday 4:15-5:15pm Beginner (1st – 12th graders welcome) OR Monday 5:30-6:30pm Intermediate (must have previously taken a Digital Art class with us or complete an audition).  Classes are each Monday starting 4/8/24 through 5/20/24.  Please visit THIS PAGE to read about the required materials each student must have to attend this class. Scroll down for ticketing.
DRAW LIKE DISNEY – $225pp – We will teach students how to draw different Disney/Pixar cartoon characters. Pen, ink, pencil will be the primary tools. Coloring of works will be done with colored pencils, blendable markers and watercolors. Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm for 1st-5th Grades. Classes are Tuesdays starting 4/2/24 through 5/28/24. Scroll down for ticketing.

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED EXPLORATION for 5th – 12th Graders – Students can pick from a variety of projects with written instructions or design their own project with the guidance of an instructor.  This is a drop in class over the course of 3 hours – come for an hour or two or stay the whole time.  Example: Student wants to paint a landscape painting so the instructor will give guidance on where to start, collecting images of inspiration, assist if a sketch is needed and give input on how to develop painting to a more advanced level.  This goes for Anime, Cartoon, General Art, etc.  Instructor is there to assist with creating a syllabus unique to each student…not teach step by step as every student is working on different projects.  Based on age and previous work done at the studio we will guide students with where to start.  All supplies provided but students are welcome to bring an art piece from home to work on if they have it but not required. 5th – 12th graders we would prefer them to have completed a previous quarter’s classes or a summer camp at our studio.  An audition piece can be submitted to show us their skills. This is the place for these grades to work on more intermediate to advanced Anime, Draw Like Disney, General Art and Painting projects.  

Learning to exercise creativity is all about the choices students make designing their projects and implementing their own ideas.  Our small class size (10:1 student/teacher ratio) enables students to develop rapport and trust with the teacher who can guide them in the discovery of their own fine art talents.  As a result, our classes often lead to communities of advanced artists who inspire each other creatively. Scroll down for ticketing.

Wednesdays, Drop In Time 3:30-6:30pm. Classes are each Wednesday starting 4/3/24 through 5/29/24. All supplies provided but students are welcome to bring an art piece or their own tools from home to work on if they have it but not required. Scroll down for ticketing.

GENERAL ART – $225ppWe will teach students how to use many types of different tools including, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, watercolors, acrylics, pen & ink, etc. Techniques to create landscapes, abstract work, self portraits and more will be taught.  Fridays from 4:00-5:15pm for 1st – 6th Grades. Classes are on Thursdays starting 4/5/24 through 5/31/24. Scroll down for ticketing.

PAINTING $225pp – We will teach students techniques for painting from landscapes to animals.  Students will have a chance in the selection of the paintings after the first day. Thursdays from 4:00-5:15pm for 1st – 6th Grades.  Classes are Fridays starting 4/4/24 through 5/30/24.  Scroll down for ticketing.

*There is a minimum of 5 students needed in order for the class to proceed or it will get cancelled.  We will notify you if we need to cancel and offer to transfer to another class before refunding.

Art shown are samples of previously taught lessons and not necessarily what will be taught during this session.

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