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Tool requirements and Audition Details (should your child wish to advance to the intermediate class)

Students will need to have the following to enroll in this class:

  • They must have an iPad with iOS at least 15.14.1 to work with the procreate software.
  • They must purchase (separately) the Procreate app for $12.99 available in the App Store HERE.  Please do this in advance of class starting it takes too long to handle at the studio the day of the class.
  • They must have a “digital pencil” such as an Apple Pencil or the like that not only works with their iPad but also works with Procreate.  Please read the description of whatever you purchase to make sure it works with the software.  While Apple Pencil is more expensive, it is the most recommended as you can control the pressure much like a real pencil.  But if your child is just testing the waters with digital art a “knock off” pencil is fine too. HERE is an Amazon link to some options but feel free to do your own research!
  • iPads must be unlocked so a student can sign into our wifi.
  • iPads must be set so a student may work in Procreate for the full hour.  Check the parental control settings.
  • iPads must be charged before class as there is limited power sources in our class area.
  • Audtion.  If your child believes they are ready for the Intermediate class please have them create a piece of art that utilizes layers, shading, and different brushes. We’d like to see that they know how to use the app features.  Email the art to Susan at Additionally, if you have any questions, please email Susan and she will gladly help.

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