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WOOD BOX Paintables



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We have a limited number of these wood boxes up for grabs to paint on. A great activity for kids or adults! All boxes come with a 12 pack of acrylic paint as well (brushes sold separately). Some boxes have missing hinges and are sold as is to first come first serve. If you order a box that has been sold already we will email you other options.

LARGE boxes are $40 (includes paint)

Medium and Small boxes are $35 (Includes paint)

Small tin/paper boxes are $25 and includes paint

Here is an example of a painted box and the acrylic paint INCLUDED in price:


Medium boxes (no hinges) $35

Large boxes with separators (no hinges) pain or primed white $40

Medium box no hinge $35

Desk organizer $35

NEW wrapped with hingesĀ  $35

Serving tray $35

Small tin or paper “nesting boxes”

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